Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What Happened to Wednesday.....

Unbelieveable! This day has flown by! I have spent hours blog hopping today and "like I love it!" In my day, that was called "Valley girl language!" Anyway, I spent the day getting inspiration and loading up on tutorials until my brain went into "Overload!"  Just so much talent out there! You guys are awesome! I made three cards which I am sharing today  Monday and Tuesday were play with paper day and the results are in! One has a disclaimer! It's the "Showtime" card I made for Sarah and Rick. It started out looking like a theatre curtian and when one dabbles until early hours in the morning, well if it still looks like a theartre curtian, it is a burlesque theatre to which the only thing needed to complete it is a "pole!"

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  1. Norma, your work is absolutely beautiful! thanks for stopping by my blog. Love yours :-)