Thursday, July 6, 2017

Wow, I have sure been on information overload in a good way......well sorta a good way.

I was working with a bad appendix and got so sick one day I went home in February early and by the afternoon went to the ER.  By the next evening I was in surgery.  The following month I decided I had enough of all of it and decided at 67 years of age I was ready to retire.  Never looking back I have been sewing every single day.  Learning more and more about quilting and finding so many quilt groups on Facebook and YouTube videos to watch I feel I will have projects to keep me busy well into the after life.  Having a lot of fun too!  I had wished I had money enough to travel and energy enough too but that didn't happen so I watch the Travel Channel and sew away in the air conditioning and watch Josh Gates climb around out in the heat and muck.  Once in a while I will cook up an ethnic meal and enjoy.  I get to talk to my daughters nearly every day, see my grandchildren on FaceTime.  Enjoy conversations with my brother and sister on the phone from time to time and live with my best friend Art.  So, life is pretty good.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

back paper playing......

I have put aside sewing for awhile and moved on to creating cards and mini albums. I finished sewing some fun wreaths or table decor with a pattern I purchased from Poor House Designs.
I actually made four of those. Also, I am doing a quilt block of the month and working retail full time. Whew. Now I have created cards, mini albums and so much more such as.....I want to thank all the creative people on you tube. MAY May and Correne especially.
some Zzzzzzs ab Nd then I get to share my creations with my daughters and my grandchildren.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Life Has More Drama than Hollywood...........

If I went into the detail of my life in the years since I last posted a movie could be made. Probably a boring one but with much drama. Just here to say mostly to myself that I am slowly making my way back to crafting and trying to find an artistic voice within myself........again. So Norma......stay tuned.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Who Doesn't Like Chocolate.......

I'm quilting less these days BUT I always love fabric and the shop hop is a fun website. It is addicting to view new fabric, collect quilt patterns, and receipes. If you like fabric you might want to check it out.
FabShop Hop

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

BlueMoon Scrapbooking: Newsletter and Tim Holtz Vagabond Giveaway

BlueMoon Scrapbooking: Newsletter and Tim Holtz Vagabond Giveaway: "Tim Holtz Sizzix The new Tim Holtz Mini Tags and Tabs die is in!!! Now you can die cut all your holiday gift tags easy peasy. Try the Tim H..."